2001 Standard Jewelcase 1 CD
2001 Standard Jewelcase 1 CD

2001 Standard Jewelcase 1 CD

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Finally the wait is over! Five years after their top 5 album “Dream Machine”, Tokio Hotel release their sixth studio album titled "2001" on November 18th, 2022.

 “When the Covid lockdown came and we had to cancel our Latin American tour, we went back to the studio heartbroken”, Bill Kaulitz remembers. “The only good thing about it was that the four of us finally had time to just hang out, spend time together and be creative. The idea for ‘Monsun 2.0’ was born - and for the first time in a long time, it felt a bit like it did more than 20 years ago. We took this feeling with us to all sessions, through many studios in Berlin and L.A., met some great new people and had reunions with old friends.”

The album is titled '2001' - a nod to the year the band first met and formed - for good reason. “On one hand, the album goes back to the roots, but it also unites all the Tokio Hotel facets of the last two decades,” explains Bill Kaulitz. “It's quite a colorful album with the best songs from the last five years. We are incredibly grateful for all the people who have remained loyal to us over the years and are still with us today, but also for all the new people who have made the last two years so unforgettable and successful. This album is for all of us and for all the love of the last 20 years.”



  1. Durch den Monsun 2.0
  2. HIM
  3. White Lies x VIZE
  4. Ain’t Happy
  5. Just A Moment 
  6. Hungover You
  7. Smells Like Summer
  8. Happy People feat. Dadi Freyr
  9. Here Comes The Night
  10. Dreamer
  11. Runaway
  12. When We Were Younger
  13. Bad Love
  14. Another Lover
  15. Berlin feat. VVaves
  16. Back To The Ocean